Book Review: The Billionaire’s Bargain 2 by Lila Monroe

Title: The Billionaire Bargain 2 (The Billionaire Bargain #2)
Author: Lila Monroe
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: 98 pages
Rating: 4 stars

It was a deal made in the boardroom and sealed in the bedroom.

It all seems so simple: pretend to be his fianceé, his company share prices stabilize, and everyone wins. It’s all just for show.

So why does he keep kissing me? And why do I let him? Grant Devlin is the bane of my existence — not the man of my dreams. But now the lines are getting blurred, and between the kissing and the champagne (and did I mention the kissing?) I’m getting way too comfortable as the future Mrs Devlin.

Something’s got to give, and it better not be my self-control

Michelle's Review
This second book was really good. It picks off right where book 1 left off, (if you haven’t read book 1, please do not read this review and one click book 1!). After the surprised “engagement”, Lacey now has to deal with Grant’s evil Godmother Portia. Oh how I really detested this pompous ass of a woman! Although, Lacey thinks she’s is not into Grant, little does she know that her feelings for him would grow.

I again adore Lacey’s inner monologue, she would crack me up at every turn. Even her friend Kate had her same sense of humor. I mentioned to Lila, if you can make me laugh (oh and I did loudly on my bus ride home), then you have a fan in me. And as I mentioned before, while Lacey is trying desperately not to get her heart involved, the things that come out of her brain is this: “Dammit, no one had a rakish grin in real life! Rakish grins were for sexy pirates and dashing seventeenth century French spies with ruffled shirts! I refused to melt for an attribute real people weren’t even supposed to have.” Even typing this quote is giving me the giggles.

Of course, there are some serious feelings these two are catching for each other, they just don’t know it. Now they have a huge PR nightmare involving something in Grant’s past. It is making Lacey question everything regarding this “engagement”. Can she continue going on with this farce? Will she walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Grant Devlin? You have to read it for yourself and find out because of course, there is a cliffhanger. All I remember is when I got to the end of the book, I wanted to scream (which I probably did now that I think about it).

I really enjoyed this book, it was a little more fast paced. I just wanted Lacey to bitch slap Unfriendly Godmother Portia! The sexy times was spot on, hot, hot, hot.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided for an honest review.



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