Fifty Shades of Grey: Our Thoughts on the Books


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Most romance book bloggers will agree, this series got them back into reading, and inspired them to begin blogging.  So we thought we’d share our thoughts on the books – when we read them, our favorite parts, and how they have changed our lives.


I first heard about Fifty Shades of Grey early in 2012. I think I may have been on Twitter and saw an author who posted a retraction regarding Fifty Shades of Grey. The author initially, without having read the book, was criticizing the book. She then read the books and then apologized for criticizing a book she had not yet to read herself. My curious mind wanted to know what she was talking about, and I downloaded the first book on to my Nook (pre IPad days). Like everyone else, I was really engrossed. Before FSOG, I had read very few BDSM books and I previously didn’t know really what type of lifestyle it entailed. So I guess, FSOG was my learning tool regarding BDSM. After reading the first book, I couldn’t wait to purchase and download the other two books in the series. You see, I needed an escape from real life, my mother was slowly dying of cancer, and I needed something to help ease my pain, knowing that my mother, my best friend would soon be leaving this earth. I know I have read FSOG more than 10 times, again, I needed the escape of reality and have Christian Grey in my life.

I have many favorite parts FSOG. One of them is when Ana drunk dials Christian and he shows up at the bar. My second is of course the famous elevator scene, “fuck the paperwork”, and finally, when Christian comes over to Ana’s apartment after she jokingly tells him “it was nice knowing you”, I still get the giggles.

So after obsessing over book one, I wanted to hear from other readers, and I started going on Twitter more. I didn’t meet my shorties reading FSOG, we met reading something else, but I did connect with a few other ladies that were hardcore fans. I didn’t decide immediately to create a Goodreads profile, I think I remember leaving a review on Amazon. Never in a lifetime would I have thought I would become a blogger, I always thought I would add my feedback either on Goodreads and/or Amazon. I guess in part, I can thank FSOG for the joy I have for reading. I have always loved to read, but FSOG has really driven my love (and my bank account lol) for reading more books. And because for my love of reading, I can finally actually blog about all the books that I love with After Dark.

I really do hope the film is a success. It has brought women together having an open discussion regarding all things sex. I remember I would get annoyed whenever I heard the reference “mommy porn”, I kind of still get annoyed, truthfully. I wish I could go with my shorties to the premier, but real life has a way of being a bitch. I will be going to watch the movie by myself and hopefully have that same nostalgia I had when I started regarding FSOG back in 2012.


If you follow my personal Twitter account (@pinballtocrease) or read my bio, you might know that before book blogging, I was obsessed with hockey and occasionally blogged about it.  I’ve read the Twilight series, Hunger Games, all of that.  But nothing sucked me and changed my world like these books.

I’m not even sure how I heard about them.  I used to read hockey fan fics and I think it is thru those saucy posts that I heard about these books, but I didn’t know anyone, who personally admitted to reading them.  I read book one sometime in the summer of 2012.  I remember clear as day, finishing book one and experiencing for the first time, what a book hangover feels like.  I attempted to go to sleep that night, to no avail.  Got out of bed around 11pm, and started book two.  While I enjoyed book one, book two truly sucked me in and I was lost.  I spent all of my free time reading.  And once I finished book three, I started them all over again.  Darker is definitely my favorite of the three books, as we see Christian begin to open up to something more. My favorite scene: the pool table.

In total, I’ve read the series five times. At one point, my hubby asked, aren’t you going to read anything else?  Good question.  What else was there?  And that’s were everything took shape.  I started following some bloggers and quickly purchased anything and everything they recommended.  It was thru social media and FSOG that I “met” YaYa, following a FSOG role player.  We started sharing book recommendations with each other, and have been close friends ever since.  And together, we started blogging.

A passion for books and blogging led to this site, and while I have read a lot of books since FSOG that are better written and way kinkier, I will never forget the series that brought me here.  With a beautiful love story that sucked me in and changed my world!


FSOG was recommended to me by my friend Kim back in 2012. She loan her paperback copy and told me when I was done she’d loan me the rest. The very next day I was asking for book 2 and 3. Insta-Love for CG. I was already aware about D/s relationships and the whole BDSM lifestyle but what I wasn’t ready for were the friends that were soon to enter my life. Also followed by my non-stop love for reading. I was already a reader. Since young I tended to read what I wasn’t supposed to. But FSOG took my reading to a whole new level.

Grace (Boss Lady) was one of my very first Twitter friends. Funny part about it is that we met through a Anastasia Steel on Twitter. No kidding. I would join these late chats about FSOG, CG and my many favorites me defending Elena. Lol. Of course. Authors and bloggers who I never heard of before would start following me and the chats got bigger and bigger. The book recommendations would not stop and well neither was I. I wanted more and more books because this became an escape for me from RL. Kids went to bed I was up all night reading. A new obsession. All these books that took you to a new world.

So why am I thankful for FSOG? It’s been a journey. I now blog with two beautiful women who I can’t see myself not speaking to daily. I’m a beta reader. I’ve even formed friendships with the authors I beta for. New friends from all over the world. How better can it get? Oh yeah they turned it into a film. Can life get any better? EL James expanded the horizons for many women to explore their sexualities. Maybe these weren’t your first books with this experience but it has been for many and we have enjoyed every moment of it.

Laters, baby!

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