Book Review: The Billionaire Bargain by Lila Monroe

Title: The Billionaire Bargain
Author: Lila Monroe
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: 90 pages
Rating: 4 stars

Sexy Australian billionaire Grant Devlin is ruining my life. He exercises shirtless in his office, is notorious for his lunchtime nooners, he even yawns sexily. If I didn’t need this job so bad, I’d take his black Amex and tell him where to swipe it.

He doesn’t even know I exist, but why would he? He jets off to Paris with supermodels, I spend Friday nights with Netflix and a chunk of Pepperidge Farm frozen cake—waiting for his call. Because every time he crashes his yacht, or blows $500k on a single roulette spin in Monte Carlo, I’m the PR girl who has to clean up his mess.

But this time, it’s going to take more than just a fat charity donation. This time, the whole company is on the line. He needs to show investors that he’s settling down, and Step #1 is pretending to date a nice, stable girl until people forget about what happened with the Playboy Bunnies backstage at the Oscars.

My plan is perfect, except for one thing:

He picks me.

Michelle's Review
This is Lila Monroe’s debut novel and for a first timer, she did a very good job. Just from the synopsis alone, you will one to delve right into the book. Who doesn’t love reading about sexy Australian billionaire’s? I know I love me some foreign men with sexy accents to boot. This novel is a pretty quick read, but it had lots of laughs in between. If you can make me laugh while reading, you earn big points in my book. While it lacked a little heat and maybe that was the author’s intention, you do get a lot of sexual chemistry.

Lacey Newman is a hardworking Administrative Assistant at Devlin Media Corp. She works under her bitchy of a boss Jacinda. Sexy Australian billionaire Grant Devlin is the sole heir to Devlin Media. While Grant is out and about spending money, gallivanting around the world, crashing boats, Lacey is around to pick up the pieces and making sure Devlin Media Corp. does not go under.

Grant takes a great big interest in Lacey. He is so used to women fawning all over him that when Lacey gives him a piece of her mind regarding his company, he is immediately turned on by Lacey. He’s never had a woman put him in his place. Here is a very internal monologue Lacey is having with herself regarding her non-filter ways with Grant: Why the hell was the boss asking to have lunch with me? Was this about that eye-roll last night? Or the rant I’d unleashed on him in his car? Was he going to fire me over pad thai?

Lacey ends up getting promoted because Jacinda was being a true bitch. Grant notices Lacey’s worth ethic and is willing to adhere to her suggestions of changing his image. The sexual chemistry is there from the very beginning. Like I mentioned before, it needed a little more heat, but we will probably get some with the second book.

Again, this book was very funny and I loved how although at times Lacey could be whiny, she is a strong female. She went toe-to-toe with Grant on many issues. Lacey is super spunky that’s for sure. Yes, there’s a cliffhanger, so brace yourself.

Kudos again to Lila Monroe on her debut novel. I cannot wait to read the second book in this series. On a personal note, Lila is super sweet and very approachable. She and I love discussing Showtime’s The Affair. Hit her up on Twitter and/or Facebook. Thank you Lila for letting me review your first book! Congrats lady, you did real good!

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.




Blog Tour (Book Review & Giveaway): Past Heaven by Laura Ward


Title: Past Heaven
Author: Nicole Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Designer: Okay Creations
Scheduled to release: January 26, 2015
Length: 336 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


Not every love story has a happy ending. Some just change your life.

Liz Atwater’s happily ever after was torn from her the instant her husband, Jack, was murdered. She is forced to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and raise her three young sons alone.

Reynold Carter’s picture perfect Hollywood life ended the moment the paparazzi got hold of his girlfriend’s cheating scandal. As he watches his life unfold in the tabloids, he comes to a crossroads in his career and his purpose.

When Reynolds takes on the challenge of a new project, his world collides with that of Liz. Neither of them expected their professional relationship to evolve into friendship, or love.

But life is never simple.

Faced with complications from family, friends, and colleagues, Liz and Reynolds are left to decide whether two people from such different worlds can find happiness together.

Can they get past the pain, fear, and guilt and risk their hearts to love again?

Not every love story is just a happy ending. Some completely change your life.


Michelle's Review
First things first, reading the synopsis, I know that I am going to need a box of tissues ready and waiting. Second, after reading this beautifully written book, I went on Facebook and wrote the following status “I just finished an NA ARC that I really enjoyed. I may or may have not shed a tear or two. I like warm and fuzzy too besides the smut.” Yes, I love reading my smut, but every so often, I love reading a feel good or gut wrenching book. A book that will make me think afterwards. This book did it for me in spades.

Just from the Prologue, I was already gutted. This book has alternating POVs. Liz Atwater, loving wife and mother of three beautiful boys. Then Reynolds Carter, mega movie star who is so over Hollywood and the fake people and especially his moronic ex-girlfriend Kiera.

Jack Atwater was Elizabeth’s husband and the love of her life. A love that was so viciously taken from her and her boys. Jack was so loved not only by his family, but his colleagues. He was a big champion in trying to change legislator when it came to institutions for the disabled. How will Liz survive without Jack? Her wonderful best friend Cindy, whom I loved, loves to talk and has not filter whatsoever. Although, Cindy is wondering how can she help her BFF when Liz is always the one for all others?

Reynolds Carter. Hollywood’s heartthrob. Sexy, dark hair, blue eyes and totally hot. Again, after suffering heartache by way of his twatwaffle of a girlfriend Kiera, he goes back to Pennsylvania to get away from all things Kiera and Hollywood. After moping around and a very heartfelt conversation with his parents, he needed and wanted a change. After watching the news one night, Reynolds stumbles upon the new legislator that Jack Atwater was fighting for before he died. When Reynolds learned of his horrific murder, he knew what his new passion was going to be. Writing Jack Atwater’s story for the big screen.

Reynolds makes a trip to Baltimore to meet with Liz and discuss his plans on writing a screenplay on Jack’s fight to closing institutions. At first, Liz was apprehensive, but the more she thought about it, she wanted Jack’s hard work to get exposure. This poignant interaction between Reynolds and Liz is probably what made her really think hard about having Jack’s story out there: “I want a chance to do something good. I want to tell a story that means something and helps people. I need this opportunity right now. I want to take control of my life, and I thought you might too.”

You will see their friendship blossoming, yet although she is attracted to Reynolds, in her heart and mind, she’s not ready to let go of her Jack. She has resigned herself to be a widow and a single mom to her three boys. Of course, her boys come to liking Reynolds, except of her oldest son Griffin.

Throughout the months spent writing the screenplay, Reynolds cannot help but fall in love with Liz. Her giving nature, how she is so loved by her friends and family, her strength through this unimaginable tragedy, Reynolds falls hard. Oh man this part when Reynolds confesses to Liz, really made me fall in love with Reynolds. “I’m falling in love with you. … I also know you’re not ready. I get it.” Can he be anymore perfect?

Yet, Liz is at a crossroads. Their little interactions or subtle touches and the fact that Reynolds is so damn attractive, finds Liz in a bit of a quandary. This is what Liz tells her BFF Cindy regarding Reynolds: “I feel drunk around him. Wrecked. Intoxicated by his presence. I can’t think straight and everything is happening so fast. I need to clear my head.” Cindy, God I loved her, this was her response: “You can’t sober up around a man like Reynolds. And why would you want to? Enjoy this.”

Eventually does give her heart to Reynolds. Of course, there are some obstacles dating Sexiest Man Alive, but through that little drama. Liz and Reynolds made it work. Here’s a lasting quote during her interview with a magazine after hers and Reynolds relationship finally came out in the open: “When my husband died, I was sure my heart was so damaged, it would never love again. Reynolds showed me that the power of love is both inescapable and infinite. Yeah, that right there, I was bawling my pretty little eyes out.

This is a must read. You heart will break at times, but heal at the end. I loved how the author kept me captivated throughout. Ms. Ward’s writing flew fluidly throughout my IPad. I will leave you with one last quote that put it all into perspective:

“The idea is that once you really love someone, and I mean the kind of love that fills you up from head to toe, it never leaves you. A love like that surrounds you, always. Time, distance, and even death can’t end it. That love is Past Heaven.”

– Michelle

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



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LAURA WARD is the author of PAST HEAVEN and the New Adult novel, NOT YET. She lives in Maryland with her loud and very loving three children and husband. Laura married her college sweetheart and is endlessly grateful for the support he has given her through all their years together, and especially toward her goal of writing books. When not picking up toy trucks, driving to lacrosse practice, or checking spelling homework, Laura is writing or reading romance novels.

Contact Laura at:
Twitter — @laurarosnerward
Instagram — _Laura_Ward
Email —

Wordsmith 2

Blog Tour (Book Review & Excerpt): Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane


Photo cover Couple Paperback.cdr
Title: Three Simple Rules
Author: Nikki Sloane
Genre: Erotic
Length: 347 pages
Rating: 5 stars

I would do anything for my dream job. Now I have to.

In order to save my skin at the office, I’m forced to sell it at an exclusive and illegal blindfold club. He paid thousands of dollars for one night to own me, but when my blindfold comes off, I want more. More nights, more rules, and more from this unavailable and uncompromising man.

Rule number one, no questions. Rule number two, no lies. But, rule number three? That’s the hardest one to obey.

Purchase links:
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Amazon CA:


Michelle's Review
Just reading the synopsis I was so intrigued from the very beginning. I said to myself, “I have a feeling I am going to be enjoying this book very much.” I could not and did not want to put this book down like at all! All I remember as soon as I finished, I PMed my fellow shortie Yaya and told her “please tell Neda that I need book 2 like ASAP”. Neda then PMed and asked me how I liked the book my answer was “I fucking loved it”. There I go cursing. I am sorry, but not really sorry. And when Neda tells me that Nikki Sloane is a new author, I could not believe it. When I looked at her Goodreads author’s page, I saw with my little pretty brown eyes that yes indeed this was Ms. Sloane’s first book. You knocked it out of the ballpark and then some Nikki!

Evelyn (“Evie” to her friends) Russell is a very hard worker at a design firm. Logan Stone is her department manager. He is the type of manager who is very harsh, overly critical and will make you cry if you make a mistake. Yeah, that type of boss. She has worked with Logan for many years, but she is not very “fond” of him or his work ethic. When one fatal mistake on Evelyn’s part could cost her the very first job she has ever loved, she has to face Logan. The only way for Evelyn to remedy the huge mistake is to pay the cost of new art work out of her own pocket. So who does she turn to, but her escort best friend Payton. Yup, you read that correctly. Her BFF works at an exclusive club called “The Blindfold Club”. Without giving out too many spoilers, the one man that ends up being her “blindfold” date is none other than her tight ass boss Logan. Yeah that moment when you realize you just had the most mind blowing type of sex and can’t wait for some more when the blindfold comes off and it’s your boss!

Well Evie and Logan realize that their chemistry and sexual connection is something they want to explore some more outside of the office, of course. Boy, oh boy, oh boy the sex scenes themselves are just beautifully written. There is a threesome somewhere that when you get to read it, I hope you are at home, alone, with either your husband, boyfriend, significant other or your favorite B.O.B. because IT’S THAT FREAKING GOOD. I’ve read some good threesome scenes, but when Ms. Sloane goes into detail, she made it so beautiful and not dirty. In other words, if you’re not into the M/F/F thang, then keep it moving and read something boring! lol

There is a bit of drama towards the end. Can Logan redeem himself in Evie’s eyes? There is an HEA, for sure, but the way this book ended, holy crap, you will want book 2 ASAP. So someone asked me if it ends in a cliffhanger. Yes, no, maybe, sort of, not really lol. Ok well book 2 will focus on Evie’s best friend Payton.

For Nikki’s Sloane’s first time writing, she wrote an exceptional good book, with a good plot, the female heroine that is NOT annoying, thank God. Logan is super yummilicious and should be added as a BBF, I know I am going to add him to mine. His dominance in the bedroom will leave you drooling for days. I may or may not have a bit of a book hangover.

I’d been cringe-worthy loud. “Please tell me none of your family is staying on this floor. Or in this hotel.” He laughed and rolled onto his side, folding me into his arms. “I’d tell you that you shouldn’t have said my name, but I love it when you do. I love it even more when you’re screaming it.”

– Michelle

*An ARC was received for an honest review.


“Would you like a taste?” Tara asked him. What did that mean? Then her breath was warm on my neck. “I’m going to touch you now.”

I jumped when her fingers dragged across the skin of my stomach. Lower, and lower. Was she going to–? Soft, delicate fingers stroked me. I tried to jerk away, but the straps kept me in place. I’d never fooled around with another woman. I could appreciate the beauty of the female body, but I never had any desire to explore anything outside of my own. I liked good, ole-fashioned sex, and knew I still had a lot to learn there. Adding women into the mix seemed overwhelming

It didn’t matter. Her fingers were stirring my folds where I was shamefully wet, and the slightest of moans slipped out before I could choke it back.

She drew her hand away from in between my legs, and there was a noise I couldn’t place, like a kiss. No, I figured it out. He was sucking on her fingers.

“Does she taste good?” Tara asked. Heat poured through my body.

“I’d like to drink straight from the tap,” he said. Oh god. Oh my god.

“There’s a fee for that, but I’ll waive it if we reach a deal.” I assumed that was acceptable to him because Tara again leaned over me and whispered in my ear. “Slide down near the edge of the table, and enjoy.” She sounded envious.

I did as asked, my trembling body gliding over the leather. When I was down far enough and my feet dangled awkwardly over the side, Tara’s warm hand closed around an ankle and lifted it, setting my foot on the flat surface of the tabletop so my toes curled over the edge. She guided the other ankle so I was laid out before him, my knees bent up in the air. Sliding down had also forced my arms to be bent up by my head.

The pads of his fingers were cold when they touched the inside of my knee and gently urged it to the side, opening me to him. My bottom lip quivered. No, my whole body quivered. The fingers dragged across the inside of my thigh until they reached the hollow where my legs joined my body. I wanted him to say something. I wanted him to—

“Fuck,” he said in a low, deep voice when his finger brushed over me where only a few men, and now Tara, had touched me, making me shudder. “You’re so wet.”

His touch was gone and replaced by warm air as his mouth hovered over my sensitive flesh. He kissed the hollow there, then just above my slit, then the inside of my thigh on the other side. Teasing me. Delicious anticipation grew and strangled my breath.

I bucked hard on the table when his tongue grazed me. One of his large, cold hands clamped down on a hip to hold me in place. The sensation wasn’t like anything I’d felt before. The blindfold focused everything on the pleasure that was spreading outward through my body from his indecent kiss. He licked me again, starting at the bottom of my entrance and all the way up to my clit.

“Oh my god,” I said out loud, and then went wooden. I wasn’t supposed to speak until spoken to, according to the contract.

“You like that?” He didn’t wait for me to answer, he just did it again. And again.

The beginning of an orgasm developed off in the distance and then was right upon me when he eased a finger where I was soaking wet.

“She’s yours for twenty thousand,” Tara said.

Nikki Sloane fell into graphic design after her careers as a waitress, a screenwriter, and a ballroom dance instructor fell through. For eight years she worked for a design firm in that extremely tall, black, and tiered building in Chicago that went through an unfortunate name change during her time there. Now she lives in Kentucky and manages a team of graphic artists. She is married and has two sons, writes both romantic suspense and dirty books, and couldn’t be any happier.


Twitter: @AuthorNSloane




New Release (Excerpt & Giveaway): Intoxicate by Tessa Teevan



Intoxicate, Book # 4 in the Explosive Series
Can be read as a standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: January 29



Marry me.

Two words Kalli Montgomery never expected to say out loud to Xavier Cruz, even though she’s been in love with the sexy, single father for as long as she can remember.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t just been friend-zoned for the past ten years. No, even worse, he’s treated her like a little sister, no matter how hard she tried to prove she could be so much more. When she agrees to spend the summer as the caregiver for his daughter, Lily, she knows it’s her last chance to finally make him take notice.

As unexpected circumstances threaten to disrupt his home life, Xavier’s desperate to keep his family together. He’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means marrying a woman he doesn’t love. For Xavier and Lily, Kalli will do just about anything, even at the risk of getting her heart broken in the process.

Little does she know, sometimes love isn’t quite as unrequited as one may think. Xavier sees her-he always has. And the vow he made all those years ago never to go there with his best friend’s little sister is wavering, and it’s wavering fast. When they come up with a plan that leads to wedding bells, it’s a no brainer.

This marriage of convenience has one rule: absolutely no falling in love.

Easier said than done. Throw together a girl who believes rules are meant to be broken, and a man whose whole career revolves around following orders and you get a recipe for disaster. What could possibly go wrong?

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Shooting a glare at him, I throw my hands up in exasperation. “Are you telling me that this whole anticipation thing is one-sided? Is it that easy for you to resist? I really need to step up my game.”
Xavier’s eyes fall to my lips for a quick moment before he looks back up at me. I see the desire in his expression, and without him even saying a word, I know he wants this, too. So why is he making me wait?
“You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now. How many times I’ve thought of doing just that. Every time you were curled up against me on the couch, I wanted to kiss you. Every morning when you showed up, I wanted to kiss you. Every time you said goodnight to Lily and then slipped out my door? I wanted to kiss you before you left. It’s not a new development. The first time I ever saw you, Kalli, I wanted to kiss you. And I’ve wanted to ever since.”
His admission floors me. He’s told me before that he “saw” me, but I had no clue it was from the very beginning. I’m not really sure how to process it. In fact, he beats me to the punch.
“So now you know. This will be just as hard for me, but it will be so damn worth it. Because when you’ve wanted something for as long as I’ve wanted you? It’ll be the best feeling in the world when I finally get it.”
“Our first kiss will be that epic?”
“A first kiss to rival them all,” he quips, grinning at me. He holds his arms out wide.
“Now, we’ll start with a hug and work our way up.”
“I feel like I’m sixteen again,” I tell him as I wrap my arms around his waist.
His hands come down to my back and he gives me a big squeeze, my head pressing against his firm chest. I love this feeling of being in his arms, him holding me close. There’s nowhere on the planet I’d rather be than right here with him. As much as I want him, I know he’s right. I don’t care when it comes. Because when it does, our first kiss will be unforgettable.
His chest rumbles as he chuckles. He squeezes me tight one last time before letting me go. “And it’s only just the beginning,” he tells me. “Have a good night, crazy girl.”


Other Explosive Books:



I’m a twenty something book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are my teams! I work for the government during the day, hang out with Air National Guard on the weekends, and have been married to my own book boyfriend for over seven years. We currently live right outside of Dayton, OH with our two cats.

If I’m not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find me curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. I love my sports almost as much as I love my books. My other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Grace Potter.

Connect with the Author

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New Release (Book Review, Excerpt & Giveaway): Cartel by Lili St. Germain


Are you ready for Mariana’s story in this heart-wrenching NEW series!?

RELEASE DATE:  January 27th

Pre-order here:

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His eyes lit up at that as his gaze travelled across my chest and wandered down to the most private of places. I was clothed and covered in the right places, but in front of him, I felt completely naked. The feeling was unnerving and delicious all at once, which only confused me further.

So he’s sexy as hell. It doesn’t matter. He’s the enemy.

‘It doesn’t matter anyway,’ I added hastily. ‘I’ve got a nasty case of the clap. Better not rape me or your pico might fall off.’ I thrust my chin out as I used the Spanish term for ‘small dick’, smirking at the Gypsy Brother as his warm hands continued to roam every bit of bare flesh on my arms.

Dornan laughed at my admission, a throaty noise full of gravel and insolence that made me increasingly unsteady on my feet.

‘I’m not going to rape you,’ he replied, amusement dancing in his dark eyes. ‘And you don’t have the clap. So don’t use that one on me.’



My name is Mariana Rodriguez.

I used to be just like you – a regular girl, with a regular life.

But it was all a lie.

Nothing about my life was normal.

It was all make believe.

It was good, while it lasted.

But now?

Reality’s caught up to my family.

It was always just a matter of time.

Want more Cartel?  Read Chapter One HERE:


YaYa's Review

What did I like about this book?

Not Dornan. Just kidding. I did read the Gypsy Brothers series first so I already hate this man. Run him over with a train twice kind of hate. One of the worse villains ever. Would I have felt different about him if I read this first? Absolutely!

This is not that Dornan. Ruthless, feared president of The Gypsy Brothers. No this is Dornan when he’s still being strongly controlled by Daddy Emilio. Let me mention he’s up there too in the list of villains. Talk about no empathy. But even though he is being controlled you can tell how he despises what his father has turned him into. Only thing he wants is to be rightful in his Daddy’s eyes. The son who will one day takeover. You see where his dark side blossomed from. You also get a side of Dornan which you can’t help but love. Yes, you’re reading this right, Love.

Dornan has feelings. Taught to keep them locked away because it’s for the “weak”. The weak show emotions and emotions get you killed. He’s been raised in the dangerous life of the MC. Corruption, murder, death, human trafficking, drugs are his lifestyle. What this man wasn’t expecting was for it all to change no other than by the hands of a woman.

Il Sanguè è sacra. Famiglia è sacara. 

A woman who was supposed to be manipulated, degraded, sold and maybe even raped all because of her irresponsible, alcoholic, gambler father. Gambling money he doesn’t have and to who does he owe this money to? The Cartel. You don’t mess with Daddy Emilio’s money.

“Remember? This isn’t a fairytale. I’m not your hero, Ana. Nobody is coming to save you.”

Mariana is her name and she’s not submitting without a fight. She also has an ability that might be able to save her life. But what will it save her from? Or who? She’s now trapped belonging to the Devil and her Dark Hero. One can bring her death, the other can cause it. To top this all off, these two are falling for one another. It can’t happen. Not allowed. Daddy Emilio will kill her. So why not keep it a secret? No Bueno.

I would rather he caress me than kick me. I would rather he fuck me than kill me. 

I’m pretty amazed how Lili was able to take this story back in time. Seeing some of the characters from the Gypsy Brother series and getting to know more of them before that disaster happen. Most of all seeing this side of Dornan. I actually can’t get over him. What turned him into such a monster?

My ears were attuned to his footsteps, my skin to his touch. We were the dirtiest, most forbidden secret of them all. 

I will be continuing this series. The author really sucked me in. Now I want to know more about Dornan and his path to more destruction, money, power and reign. How and if Mariana ever escapes. Who catches them in their little Taboo relationship. Oh My God I think I just figured out why Dornan went after Juliette. Shit me not I am freaking out. Fellow readers get ready for a new MC ride.

Warning: Some very graphic disturbing scenes. Hope you can get the mental image like I did.

– YaYa

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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Additional Books including these characters

Gypsy Brothers Series by Lili Saint Germain

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, Book One) FREE
Amazon US:

Six Brothers (Gypsy Brother, Book Two) ONLY $0.99
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View an amazing fan made trailer here:



Lili Saint Germain

Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.

She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest


Book Review: Three, Two, One by JA Huss

Title: Three, Two, One
Author: JA Huss
Genre: Erotic, Romantic Suspense
Length: 288 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


Battered, barefoot, and huddled under a bookstore awning in the pouring rain, Blue only knows one thing. After fifteen months of captivity, finally… she is free.


Self-made millionaires JD and Ark are not out to save anyone when they stumble upon a wet and shivering girl one early Sunday morning. But when you sell sex for a living and salvation rings your bell… you answer the call.


After years of searching, love lifts the veil of darkness, and three people—with three very big secrets—find themselves bound together in a relationship that defies the odds.

Or does it?

Love. Lust. Sex.

This trinity might be perfection… but not everything should come in 3’s.

WARNING: This is a STANDALONE non-traditional M/F/M ROMANCE with a non-traditional ending.

Grace Review
Reading the synopsis, I knew the author was going to take me on a wild ride. Hell, a wild ride is her MO, and I love her for it. Then I read the beginning of this book, and a knot quickly formed in my stomach. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

This book has a large focus on numbers – obviously, those being 1, 2, 3. I think we can all agree that 2 is better than 1, right? If you know the rule of 3s, than 3 should be better than 2. But can this apply to relationships? Can you really make 3 work?


On the outside, JD and Arc have the world at their feet. Money, sex, and success on the horizon. On the inside, they both seem to be needing something. And Blue seems to fill that need.

We are alike, then. Aren’t we?
Three people brought together by the early-morning rain.
Two of us clinging together, trying to stick it out. Ride the wave until it crashes, and then help each other up to start all over again.
One of us already dead. Still walking, but not living. Waiting to be saved. Or maybe wanting to be the one who does the saving.

If you are like me, you may feel conflicted throughout the book, as you try to rationalize what is going on, particularly when these three meet. I kept thinking, “oh, this is just not right.” Yet, my traitorous body would be turned on all the same.

Did I mention this book has a porn theme? My Achilles heel. (And yes, I have on occasion watched public sex videos.)

As the book progresses, you may struggle with who you like more, JD or Ark. I honestly went back and forth. And while I couldn’t see how these three could work, long term, I thought that their moments altogether were so filled with love and passion, that I saw 3 being better than 2.

“Because I need to be surrounded. I need to be held on both sides. I can’t feel safe unless I’m surrounded.”

Side note: I will give you one warning. Parts of this book should be read behind closed doors. I made the mistake of reading part of this at my daughter’s dance class. The part at 28% . . . holy fucking hotness! I needed to step outside to cool down. Yowza!


JD and Ark are night and day, dark and light. Their tattoos capture their differences, and say so much about them. One tattoo saying “Every set of three is perfect,” one saying “Not everything should come in threes.”

Are the tattoos a reflection of the person that displays them, or foreshadowing?

This book is full of secrets, which are slowly revealed. How did Blue get involved in the cult? Is JD in as bad a state as Ark proclaims? And what secrets is Ark hiding? As the answers to these questions are revealed, you see how these secrets all tied together. Once again, the author has woven a story that kept me on my toes the whole time. The story is complex and thought provoking.

I absolutely recommend you read this as a group read. Michelle and I were lucky to both receive copies of this ARC and I was glad I had her to chat with throughout. There were a lot of OMG moments, both hot ones, and then ones that made us tear up. And that is why I love this author’s work. Her plot lines are unique and unpredicable. They generate conversation. This story will stay with me because they challenged me to think, to question what happened, and whether or not I could accept the end. Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that the ending left me both happy and sad. Is there a HEA? Yes. Is it the HEA you were looking for? That will all depend on your thoughts on whether 3 is better than 2.

This book balances lust and voyeurism, with ownership and escaping the horrors of the past. These three will take you on a journey as they try to find a balance in their new world, just as old threats resurface. It’s a book that’s hard to put down, which is why I finished it in one day. And after I finished . . . book hangover!!!

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



Cover Reveal: Clear by Jessica Park


Title: CLEAR: A Death Trippers Novel
Age: NA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Jessica Park
Cover Designer: The Cover Lure
Release date: February 17, 2015

Stella Ford’s grasp on reality is already loose, and it’s about to come undone.

When the college junior flees Chicago and leaves her toxic family behind, she heads for coastal Maine to find the one person who brought her peace years ago: Sam Bishop. But the Sam she once knew now has painful secrets.

Stella is determined to heal them both. Healing, however, is a challenge when the walls of her everyday existence collapse. And when Sam’s best friend is his worst enemy.

When the line between life and death blurs.

When an end is just a beginning.

When lust and rage rule.

Yet during extraordinary chaos, there can be extraordinary love, even if that love comes with a twist.

Welcome to death tripping.

A thriller, a paranormal, and a passionate romance, CLEAR crosses genres and breaks boundaries.




Jessica is the author of LEFT DROWNING, the New York Times bestselling FLAT-OUT LOVE (and the companion piece FLAT-OUT MATT), and RELATIVELY FAMOUS. She lives in New Hampshire where she spends an obscene amount time thinking about rocker boys and their guitars, complex caffeinated beverages, and tropical vacations. On the rare occasions that she is able to focus on other things, she writes.

Please visit her at and on Facebook at and Twitter @JessicaPark24

Wordsmith 2

Book Review: Total Submission by Roxy Sloane


Title: Total Submission (Submission #3)
Author: Roxy Sloane
Genre: Erotica
Length: 78 pages
Rating: 4 stars

Her secrets are tearing us apart, but I can’t give up on us yet.

When I’m with her, the beast inside me is tamed. My every craving sated by her gentle touch.

I won’t let her go without a fight.

No matter what the cost, I will protect her.
She belongs to me now.

*Part three of the sensual, suspenseful new serial*

Michelle's Review
We pick off right where Wild Submission left off. Isabelle left Cam because douchey Brent is really doing on number on her with this “big secret”. Isabelle can’t stop thinking about Cam and Cam can’t stop thinking about Isabelle. He knows that she wants to be in their Dom/sub relationship. He knows, that Isabelle craves to submit. Cam will do all that he can to convince Isabelle that they are meant to be together.

Cam is still swoon worthy, dirty talking self. He’s ultra attentive and makes sure that Isabelle trusts him in everything concerning her well-being.

“You’re my business now, Isabelle. My precious, darling girl. You belong to me. You never stopped being mine.”

With words like that, who would want to leave a man like that, right?

Isabelle opens up a lot with Cam, and that is the trust factor he has won over from her. Cam already knew some of her back story. Again, you learn a lot of Isabelle’s upbringing, etc. As much as I detested her in the Seduction Series, she has won me over.

Ok so what I didn’t like: It may be a little thing to some or maybe since this is an ARC and may be a minor oversight from the author, but when detailing Dom/sub situations, it felt a little short. When they are in scene, I felt Isabelle would come out of her scene and calling Cam by his name instead of Master. For someone who wants control, I thought he would punish her with her using his name. Again, maybe not a big thing, but those who have read a lot of BDSM theme type stories will know what I mean.

What I did like: The story is coming along seamlessly. Again, Isabelle has redeemed herself and I can’t help but like her more. I like that she is getting closer to Keely as well. Those sex scenes, holy moly guacamole are they hot, hot, hot. Oh boy that cliffhanger. February cannot get here fast enough.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review..



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Blog Tour (Book Review, Excerpt & Giveaway): Kick by Carmen Jenner


Happy Release to Carmen Jenner

Kick is LIVE!

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Kick cover

Book Title: KICK (Savage Saints MC #1)
Author: Carmen Jenner
Publisher: Carmen Jenner
Genre: Adult, Dark Romance
Cover Designer: Cover It! Designs

Rating: 3.5 stars

When I was ten, my father indoctrinated me into the family.

A brotherhood who would fight, protect, and give their lives for one another. A club whose ties ran thicker than blood, murkier than the dirt and grime that tainted my soul. Stronger than the bonds that connected me to my own family.

A band of brothers where loyalty was kept and paid in a currency of blood.

When I was twenty-seven, I betrayed that brotherhood.

I’ve spent every day since running, avoiding paying back that debt.

My name is Daniel Johnson, and I have betrayed everyone I ever loved.

This is my story—if you’re screwed up enough to want to read it.

Warning: KICK contains graphic violence, profanity, drug use, and explicit sexual situations of a taboo nature. Intended for an 18+ audience only. Not intended for pussies.

Grace Review
You have to be in the right mind set to read an MC book. If you’ve read one before, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t read one before, this might not be the best one to be your first.  I wouldn’t even classify this as a romance.

I personally was in the right mind set for this, having just finished one book about a hired killer, and another about a ruthless Mafia family.  And still, this book may be the most disturbing of the three, probably due to the amount of rape scenes in it.  I won’t sugar coat it, there are multiple rape scenes in this book, so be forewarned.  This book takes a look into the dark side of the MC world.  If you are expecting a long haired tatted biker to ride off into the sunset with his old lady, think again.  If you are expecting a long haired tatted biker to fuck the club whore in the hallway, while another is in his bed, then you have the right book.

“Baby, the only breathing room I wanna give you is when you’re coming up for air after sucking me off.  And even then I’d rather you just gag on it.”

Kick is a club rat, who grows up to join not one, but two MC clubs.  The story behind why there are two clubs is pretty shocking.  As I read this story, I kept asking myself, “how is this guy still alive?”  Based on my limited knowledge of MC rules, his behavior and actions seem to challenge everything the club stands for.  Loyalty, commitment, honesty.  Kick doesn’t really have any of these qualities, at least in how this story is told. Call it luck, or it could just be having the right friend in Tank, but Kick gets away with a lot more than he should.

I had a hard time understanding Kick.  Other than growing up in the biker world, I wasn’t really sure why he remained part of it. There were countless times where he put himself or a girl before the club.  His sexual preferences are pretty dark, getting turned on by the struggle, rape-like scenarios, only consensual.  He seems to gravitate to broken women, and while he likes to dominate them sexually, also has a huge hero complex.  Quite the paradox.

Kick grew up as part of the Angels MC, but don’t let the name fool you.  They are far from Angels.  As this book alternates between the past and present, we learn of the first broken girl, Lauren, who slipped through Kick’s hands.  It is a violent and sad recount of the dirty side of the MC world.  Kick’s failed attempt to save Lauren haunts him in the present, and he constantly seems to seek out a way to right the wrongs from his past.

How Kick goes from moving from the Angels club to the Savage Saints club, was very unusual.  Even more so that the Prez of Savage Saints knows about what went down, and still let him in the club.  To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into details about it, but it involves Ethan (Elijah from the Sugartown series).

History seems to repeat itself when Kick is sent on a mission by the club to bring in someone who messed with one of the old lady’s.  There he meets “Indie” and his hero complex kicks in.

I stroke her hair and marvel that this is the second naked broken chick I’ve comforted in my lap today.  I’m beginning to feel like the fucking psychotic woman whisperer.

But Kick finally has a chance at redemption, making things right and saving Indie before she is lost to him like Lauren.  While Indie fought Kick’s advances thru most of the story, her chance to get revenge on the people who harmed her, brings her closer to him.  He gives her to strength and confidence to fight.  Empowering her like never before.

No, those men didn’t break me – those men made me strong.  They forced me, to see the strength that I never would have known I possessed if I hadn’t lived through their torture.

While there is definitely a lust element to this book, I really didn’t see a love story present.  Sure, an attraction grows between Indie and Kick, but its very slow.  The sex happens well before her feelings form.  But that attraction and the fight they faced together makes it impossible for them to move on from each other.

This book is gritty and dark.  Parts are very disturbing, and might be a trigger for some.  But if you like the dirty MC world, this book will keep your attention throughout.

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



I take a deep shuddering breath, close my eyes and stretch my hand towards him. His touch is gentle this time, far more gentle than I’d ever thought someone with so much uncontained violence to him could be.

“Spread your fingers,” he commands. I do, and he lifts the roll of tape, presses the edge to my skin and begins winding it over my knuckles. I close my eyes. The strident sound of it stretching out from the roll makes me want to flee. It makes me want to run as far from his touch—from any man’s touch—as I can possibly get.

The feel of the tape against my flesh, binding, holding, is so much worse. I tug on my hand, but he won’t let go. My heartrate skyrockets, and sweat beads erupt over my brow and upper lip. I’m in that room again, struggling, screaming, trying to fight them off, and failing.

Biker knows it, too. His dark eyes challenge, they dare me to run, but they also implore me to stay. It’s ironic that the only thing keeping me here, keeping me grounded, is the man who abducted me.

He holds my gaze. I don’t know exactly what is hidden in his dark blue one, but it suffocates the panic within me, douses it like water flooding flames. He bends his head to my hand. Taking the paper tape in his mouth, he rips it with his teeth.

I still. I soften. His gaze doesn’t leave mine, not even once. Not even when he starts in on my wrist, gently biting through each piece of tape before pressing it down with his rough hands. I’m mesmerised by his mouth, the piercing, and the soft, full lips. The light catches a silver chain around his neck, something I’ve never noticed before—but then I try not to make a habit of staring too closely at him. Not now, though. Now I watch every twitch, every blink, every intake of breath, and every inch that is swallowed up by his mouth moving closer to my flesh.


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Additional books by this author

Welcome to Sugartown

Enjoy Your Stay

Greetings from Sugartown

Welcome to Sugartown Website:



Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something, USA TODAY Best Selling Author, doctor, pilot and CIA agent.  She’s also a compulsive, flagrant prevaricator who gets to make things up for a living.

While Sugartown may not technically exist, Carmen grew up in a small Australian town just like it, and just like her characters, she always longed for something more. They didn’t have an Elijah Cade, though.

If they did, you can be sure she would have never left.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Blog Tour (Book Review & Giveaway): The Untouchables by JJ McAvoy



The Untouchables
Ruthless People #2
Publication Date: January 22, 2015
Also in this series: The Untouchables
Genres: ContemporaryDarkRomance

Rating: 4.5 stars


Book 2 in the Ruthless People Trilogy.

“One Secret. Multiple Casualties.”

Everything Melody Callahan has ever been told about her past is a lie. Her father lied. Her husband lied. But like all secrets…they come out. Not only is her mother, Aviela, alive but she won’t stop until she tears down everything Liam and Melody have spent the past year building.

With a new target on their back and the media now focused on their family as the Presidential election approaches, Liam and Melody must fight on two battlefronts. Melody is torn between being in love with Liam and wanting to kill him for lying to her. Being in love and showing love are two different things in her world. Liam wants to do anything to protect his family even if that means hurting the people he loves.

Family is everything… but what happens when they’re out for your blood? Everything they have been through is nothing compared to what is coming…

***Warning: This book contains adult language and subject matter including graphic violence and explict sex that may be disturbing for some readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.***

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Grace Review


That was my first thought when finishing this book. From the first page, I felt like the author was coming at me with guns blazing.

And just when you thought a character was finding some peace, they are hit with more drama.

If you thought the characters were ruthless in book 1, I can assure you, none of them get soft in this book. With the addition of Melody’s psychotic Mom, Aviela, and her dangerous game to keep the family on edge, the kill count goes up greatly. Even sweet Olivia gets in on the action. In fact, she proves she is far from sweet and quite the calculating B-I-T-C-H!!!

Just like the first book, this second installment covers a number of “rules” of being a successful Mafia leader. But one rule still reigns supreme:

Rule One: You kill for family. You die for family. Because you can’t trust anyone.

Family is a huge part of the storyline in this book.
Protecting the family.
Challenging the family.
Building the family.

But there’s a big lesson in this book – you can’t even trust some family. So I don’t give anything away, I’ll leave at that.

Family, for us, was everything, but it was the one thing that could destroy us.

This book focuses on the Callahan’s finding a way to grow their empire, with a focus on the White House to legitimize their work and keep the heat off their shady dealings. And we learn that the path to that White House is just as ruthless as their own business.

This book is different from others in that nearly everyone has a voice. You would think that with so many POVs, it would get a bit confusion, but the author makes it work. The storyline flows and progresses through the various POVs, and you get a more complete picture of what is going on. I think the author did an excellent job of making each character voice distinctive, but I will say I had my favorites. Liam and Melody are still the heart of this story and I absorbed every hateful, vicious and lustful word they shared. These two fight better than any couple I have read before. They perfectly capture what angry sex is all about. They might end up bloody in the process, but that only seems to add to their passionate moments.

As much as I loved her, I was still pissed that she shot me . . . again.  I still wanted to beat the shit out of her, but I would’ve gladly fuck her senseless instead.

My love for all things Mel did not die in this book.  If you remember my end of year awards, then you know she was my favorite heroine of 2014.  She’s a badass, who doesn’t take shit from anyone, even Liam, her own husband.

And while Mel’s mom is a psycho bitch that I couldn’t wait to be put down, my feelings were the opposite for Liam’s parents.  I adored both of them.  Best part was when we got their POVs with them getting frisky.  Sexy, awkward and hilarious all rolled into one.

“Jesus, mother fucking Christ of Nazareth, my eyes!”

This book has so many twists and turns, there is truly never a dull moment. You may even be a bit overwhelmed at times with all the threats the family faces. But this group never gives up. They aren’t boy/girl scouts. Far from it. They are the people who will hurt/kill ANYONE that gets in their way, or god forbid, threaten one of their own. Their loyalties run deep and their commitment to the cause is unwavering. Morally, you will challenge everything they do, but I guarantee you will be entertained every dirty step of the way.

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



J. J. McAvoy first started working on Ruthless People during a Morality and Ethics lecture her freshman year of college. X number of years later, she is an insomniac who has changed her major three times, and is a master in the art of procrastination. If you ask her why she began writing, she will simply tell you “They wanted to get their story out.”

She is currently working on her next novel . . . so please bug her on Twitter @JJMcAvoy

Website • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads

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