Our blog focuses on romance books and authors.  What you can expect from us (Grace, Michelle, YaYa, Ivy, Rachel, Tammy and Miri) are honest reviews.  We have our author favorites, and even those won’t always get 5 stars from us.  Any book we read that is below 3 stars, won’t be posted on this site – we are not into author bashing.  We are here to recommend books to our followers.  End of story.


SHORTIES APPROVED – What does that mean?  We’ll if you follow us on social media, we refer to ourselves as the Shorties, and any book that gets this stamp, has received 5 stars from more than one Shortie.  A MUST READ according to us. ; )

Just like a lot of bloggers, I seriously got into reading from 50 Shades. Didn’t help that my favorite hockey team, my other passion, had a horrible season that year. So rather than stress myself out watching them play like shit, I turned to reading as my escape from the RL. Desperate to find more books like 50 Shades, I started following several blogs, one being SMIBookClub.com and quickly became Twitter friends with the site’s founder, Juewelz. After going on and on about Woods Kerringon, she asked me to be a guest reviewer. My first review was his book, Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines, and the rest is history. I quickly went from a causal book reader, to a slight obsessed book reader. I have TBR lists, book schedules, and on and on. Last year I read about 200 books and I’m on target to read that many this year as well.

I have a full time job and a family to keep me busy. But reading bookends (he he) my day. One of the first things I do in the morning is read, with the bulk of my reading taking place “After Dark” when my family has gone to bed.

As the creater and reviewer for the blog, my posts will be 95% focused on romance books, but on occasion, I may review a non-romance book. I like most romance genres, with my favorite being Romantic Suspense. This might have to do with my previous book interests; Michael Crichton was *sobs* by favorite writer. So any book that layers in suspense with the smut always ranks high on my list. The only romance genres I won’t likely review on this site would by YA and Historical Romance. Not there is anything wrong with those books, they just aren’t my preference.

For any book related tweets, you can follow the blog’s main twitter account @AftDarkBkLovers. For anything non-book related (hockey, Matt Bomer, trance music, etc.) you can follow me at @pinballtocrease.


Know in the human world as “Yaya”, and really, that’s pretty much what matters.  I love dark reads, I’m talking Hade’s soul dark, that’s my stuff.  You can’t fathom the amount of fucks I don’t give.  My sweat smells of sarcasm and odd shit.  Give me drama and I’ll give you shit.

Follow me on twitter @MrsJCintron.

SIDE NOTE FROM GRACE: YaYa will be managing the blog’s Instagram account, with the occasional review.

First before I tell you about me, I wanted to say thanks to Grace for giving me a chance to blog and a big thanks to YaYa for introducing me to Grace via Twitter.

I have always loved to read, especially romance novels. I have read some John Grisham and John Patterson, but my love for romance (and smut) is my genre. It all started with Harlequin romances, then when I wanted something spicer, anything from Ellora’s Cave. Then two years ago, my reading went on overdrive due to Fifty Shades of Grey. I was going through such emotional roller coaster and I lost myself in Fifty Shades. So of course, I enter the Twitter world full scale and discussed this book.

Moving forward while discussing books with others on Twitter, I meet YaYa and Grace. We have had many book buddy reads and love to argue about our BBFs.

In RL, I am a hardworking mom by day and love reading every second, minute hour.

I am very honest with my reviews and will never bash an author. I can curse a lot as well, so I hope I do not offend anyone.  So come take the journey with me and my girls to our After Dark Book Lovers. You won’t regret it.

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I’d like to thank Grace for inviting me, and YaYa and Michelle for welcoming me into the AfterDark fold.

I read A LOT of romance books. Like tons. Like Amazon checks in with me if I haven’t bought any in a couple of days kind of addiction. On the rare occasion I’m not reading, I’m playing with my dog, knitting or hanging with my very understanding hubby while we watch hockey, baseball or Game of Thrones (and Outlander, though he’s not as into it as I am).

Anyway, I’m all about romance, in all its forms, from tricked out bikers to sweet, sweet doctors, I love it all. Well, mostly. I’m the light to YaYa’s dark – seriously, I’d rather laugh than cry, so I’m all about the funny in my romance.

If you have a shifting, ex-Navy Seal/MMA fighter/tattoo artist who stars in a rock band in his spare time, I’ll probably read your book. Silly, action-filled, dirty, smutty sex helps too.

For serious, I will always be straight up in my reviews, but as respectful as possible.

Follow me on twitter @PoisonIvy70


Reading is not just a hobby for me. It’s an obsession. When I was younger I used to go to the library for fun. From 6th grade and all the way through high school I went to the library every Wednesday and picked out 3 books. I read everything from Stephen King to Danielle Steele, Cormac McCarthy to Elmore Leonard, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, crap I’m too ashamed to admit I read, and everything in between.

Through the power of social media, I found these wonderful ladies and I no longer had to sit by myself in my own corner of the library reading my books. I found people I could share my love of reading with, and I found Grace, the person who convinced me to start reviewing in the first place. So thank you, Grace!

Although I still read just about anything, I mainly review romance, preferably dark erotica or romantic suspense. The darker the better. The first book I remember being obsessed with was V.C. Andrew’s Flowers in the Attic which probably explains my messed up taste in books

I’m not married but I have many great loves…my dog, my books, my tv, my iPad, Søren, Cherry Coke and most importantly my spirit animal Batman. Always Batman.

Follow me on Twitter at @RachelAnn901


Hey, Hey, Hey!

Obviously I love to read; “Have books will travel!” (My Kindle app has eased the pain of sitting at red lights, the check-out line, doctor offices and more.) For me, reading is an escape into a story that lets me drift away for a short period of time, something that we all need once in a while, and in some cases every day. I like reading various genres but if it’s too farfetched or extremely mushy, it’s not for me. I am keen to dark reads, erotica and MC books. Only one author has made me ugly cry (well done Tiffany Reisz – my Queen). I want to be on the edge of my seat when reading, either from angst or laughter, you know it’s a good book when you are either shaking your Kindle or snorting (my poor Kindle).

Some of my other interests are (mini dating form here); anything pertaining to the UK (Anglophile in the house!), music, traveling, art, museums, photography, laughter, sarcasm, being real, tattoos, random facts, Doctor Who (10 is my Doctor) and The Golden Girls.

I look forward to giving my perception on books I review with you! Get your read on!

You can catch me on Twitter @TammyVoiced


Miri…lover of fashion, makeup, models and all things Joseph Cannata. When I’m not slaving at work, you can find me on a romance cloud. I do enjoy a dark, twisted, kinky read as well and my Book BFs don’t all have to be human. I run God_Sendmodels and I’m stuck with Yaya as a partner on our ladies page God_Sendmodels2. Oh, I’m also now the shortest of The Shorties.

Follow me on Twitter at @miriumm25


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