Pucks and Smut: Embracing My Inner Puck Bunny

Pucks and Smut 2

By Grace

Today is Opening Night for the NHL season. If you read my profile on this blog, than you know I love hockey, about as much as I do romance books. So today, we are celebrating Pucks and Smut.

Before I became a book blogger, I used to blog about hockey.  I didn’t run my own blog, but I contributed, on occasion, to a blog called The Hockey Junkies (sadly, no longer around).  The girls that ran this site, despite being Penguin fans, were awesome.  I kid because I was the outcast on the blog, as the lone Flyers fan (if you didn’t know, Penguins and Flyers are one of the biggest rivalries in hockey).  While these ladies teased me and my team, it was all in good fun and they were actually really nice.  Who knew?!  Anywho, while it was clear that these ladies were very knowledgeable about hockey, they embraced their inner puck bunny selves and we often rated the men who play the sport, made up funny date scenarios, etc.

There are many definitions for a puck bunny.  It seems like men classify you a puck bunny if you say a hockey player hot.  Soooooo, with that said, any person with two eyes is a puck bunny.

The book, The Dirty Truth by TJ Anderson, explores the world of puck bunnies, offering up several “true stories” from puck bunnies.  Are these accounts real?  Who knows?  But I’ve heard enough stories about Junior Hockey in Canada to know that scenes like the one below, are not far fetched.

Dirty Truth

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you go out an purchase this book, it is way over price with little meat to it.  The most interesting part of the book is actually in the back, known as the Junior Hockey Bible, with lingo and definitions that will have your eyes popping.  Know what a War Pig is?  Or a Slop Tart?  Ever tried the Reverse Oil Rig?  Some of this stuff is nasty.  From bathroom behavior to degrading descriptions for women, it is definitely is the dirty side of hockey.

But back to puck bunnies.  Today, I’m embracing my inner puck bunny (to be clear, not the kind above, just a woman who enjoys looking at hot hockey players) and sharing with you, some of the eye candy who heat up the ice.


Player: Erik Gudbranson
NHL Team: Florida Panthers
National Team: Canada
Position: Defense
Personal Tidbit: Loves the band Parkway Drive (metalcore)
Twitter: @Gundy44


Player: Kris Letang
NHL Team: Pittsburgh Penguins
National Team: Canada
Position: Defense
Personal Tidbit: Suffered from a stroke last year, a huge shocker for a guy in such great shape (see his workout video below).  Turns out he has a small hole in his heart.  Surprising some, he returned to playing after getting medical clearance.
Twitter: @Letang_58

Side note: Playing for the division rival, I usually loathe this guy, but he ain’t bad to look at, right?


Player: Patrick Sharp
NHL Team: Chicago Blackhawks
National Team: Canada
Position: Left Wing
Personal Tidbit: Prankster of the team, and once voted Chicago’s Sexiest Athlete
Twitter: @10psharp


Player: Henrik Lundqvist
NHL Team: New York Rangers
National Team: Sweden
Position: Goalie
Personal Tidbit: Plays guitar in a band, The Noise Upstairs, with John McEnroe.
Twitter: @HLundqvist30

Side note: These pictures truly don’t do him justice.  He kind of looks like the guy from House in them.  But on the ice, it’s not uncommon for heterosexual men to say, “that is one handsome man.”


Player: Gabriel Landeskog
NHL Team: Colorado Avalanche
National Team: Sweden
Position: Left Wing
Personal Tidbit: While filming a hockey segment, he was approached by a top modeling agency.  He blew them off, but at least we know if his hockey career doesn’t pan out, he has something to fall back on. *smirks*
Twitter: @GabeLandeskog92


Player: Brendan Smith
NHL Team: Detroit Red Wings
National Team: Canada
Position: Defense
Personal Tidbit: His brother, Reilly, plays for the Boston Bruins, and his brother Rory plays lacrosse.
Twitter: @bssmith7

This isn’t a big fight at all, but the part at 0:25 is so hot, imo!

On top of the eye candy, it’s not uncommon for a game play to make a puck bunny go into heat.

If you follow my personal twitter account, @pinballtocrease, you may wonder where I got my account name.  It’s from this video, which Flyers fans refer to as The Shift (you’ll hear the announcer say the line around 0:26).

And this moment, I’m sure impregnated Puck Bunnies throughout Canada, and beyond.  “Few can bring it as hard as Shea Weber can.”

As Wayne and Garth would say:

Did you hate my picks?  Think I missed someone that you think is hot?  Feel free to share in the comments.



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