Audio Review: Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Title: Lingus
Author: @marianazapata_
Reviewer: Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 10 hours and 49 mins, 341 pages
Rating: 4.25 stars


Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn’t know. “My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn.”

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she’s both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.

Grace Review

Story: 4 stars
It’s no secret that I love porn.  And now I’m becoming addicted to books about porn.  Go figure!

This is the third book I’ve read with this theme, and so unexpected sweet and funny, that it now tops that odd list.

Kat first meets Tristan in the most unusual of ways, in the most unusual of places – she’s digging out a wedgie while at a Porn Convention.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Going forward, Tristan affectionately nicknames her “Gold Digger”.  The two continue to run into each other at the event and strike up some good conversation.  Tristan acquires the nickname of “Magellan” or “Mag”, providing Kat with directions at nearly every turn.

So how do odd run-ins at a Porn Convention lead to a friendship?  Easy, her BFF, Nikki, gets the digits from her favorite porn star, Callum, who just happens to be BFF’s with Tristan.  I’m not sure why it took Kat so long to figure things out with Tristan.  He’s drop dead gorgeous, hiding this identity throughout the convention, and is BFF’s will a porn star.  But yes, Tristan has a side job and goes by another name.  You can put the pieces together from there.

Following the convention and revelation, the two become quick friends, doing everything from bowling, buying a puppy, and taking care of the other when the flu strikes.

By now, it should be known that this author is known for her slow burn, aka it takes a loooooong time for the couples to get together.  Instead, she focuses on character development.  So I should have known going into this that I’d have to wait for Tristan and Kat to get on the same page. Problem was, that in the author’s character development, it became so obvious that these two were perfect for each other, that I literally was going nuts.  Ivy, our co-reviewer, can attest to this, due to the number of anxious texts I sent her.


While it is clear that Tristan cares deeply for Kat, as a friend, he has given no signs that he feels anything deeper.



Kat’s friends, Nikki and Zoey (who are completely nuts and hilarious, btw) offer advice to her to get in Tristan’s pants.  But Kat isn’t much of a go-getter like Nikki and doesn’t want to ruin a good thing when Tristan shows no interest in her.  I felt really bad for Kat with her one-sided feelings, particularly when he has to leave for a shoot.  Yeah, this is the hardest part of porn star books.  Not only do you know that the porn star has been with A LOT of other people, there is inevitably that time when they are with someone else in the story.  THANK GOD, this part is only alluded to in this book.  I don’t think I or Kat could handle the details.

Ultimately this couple comes together and it is beyond sweet and worth the wait. I loved how they didn’t rush into things physically.  Yes, I was eager for sexy times but they did things the right way given their friendship.

This book was a lot of fun with a great H/h and goofy set of side characters.  The friendship between Tristan and Kat was the foundation for their unique love story.

Performance: 4.5 stars
This is the third audio book that I’ve listened to from this author, and when I saw that this was the same narrator as Kulti, it was an automatic 1-click for me. Callie has the perfect for the lovably goofy Kat, and I thought she did Tristan’s voice well too.  She projects a lot of enthusiasm in her voice that is entertaining and easy to listen to.

Overall: 4.25 stars
While the slow burn can be frustrating at times, it felt perfect for this book.  A story based on Nikki and Callum’s fuck fest, while sexy, wouldn’t have been as fun. This was an enjoyable story from beginning to end.

– Grace




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