2014 Reader’s Poll


It’s that time of the year, when every book blogger puts up their end of year poll and awards, so of course we have our own.  Authors put their hearts and souls into their books, to be reviewed and rated by the masses, with each of those reviews and ratings have an impact on their success.

It was not an easy task putting this list together, and in some cases, we just couldn’t narrow down the list.  There were a lot of great books in 2014, but some clearly stood out.  This list is based on the opinions of the three reviewers for this blog.  And now our followers (you) can pick the best of the best.

Our Reader’s Poll will run from 12/14-12/21.  Poll winners will be announced on 12/24.

From 12/21-12/23, we will each give you our our Favorites of 2014 with daily giveaways on FB.

Yaya – 12/21
Michelle – 12/22
Grace – 12/23

We kept this poll short and sweet.  So now it’s time to take a minute out of your day and show these authors some love!



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