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Book Review: Unraveled by Him by Wendy Leigh

Title: Unraveled by Him (Unraveled #1)
Author: Wendy Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 173 pages
Rating: 3.5 stars

Unraveled by Him embraces the sensuality of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series and sweeping ​mystery and twisty ​nail-biting ​suspense. The first in a spellbinding trilogy that entwines, love, hate, romance, jealousy, lust and a white hot sexual adventure.

This erotically charged roller coaster debut by New York Times bestselling author Wendy Leigh, introduces us to Miranda, a free-spirited celebrity ghost writer who gets swept up into a dark world of passion and glamour​ when she meets notorious billionaire Robert Hartwell,​ an irresistible dominant older man.

After sparks fly between Robert and Miranda, he enables her to live out her wildest dreams of sexual submission, and she, in turn, inflames his dominance in every aspect. Although both of them are haunted by their past demons, they embark on a love affair that is part romance, part sexual exploration, and utterly addictive.

A truly riveting trilogy that entwines mystery, suspense and erotica and which breaks romance world boundaries like never before, fans of Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out series will find themselves under the spell of the Unraveled series.

Michelle's Review

Who knew that I would be reading a book from a Ghostwriter and Celebrity Biographer, certainly not me. The synopsis drew me in quickly.

Miranda Stone is Ghostwriter for celebrities, had decided to pen her own book, but not just any book, an erotica novel no less. Miranda had thought sent forwarded her manuscript to her editor, but instead it was to her younger sister. After confronting her sister Lindy, and Lindy being the romantic that she is, forwarded Miranda’s manuscript to none other media mogul Robert Hartwell. Miranda had already known some of Robert’s back story, like how he earned his millions and his undying love to his dead wife Lady Georgiana.

Miranda takes an interesting meeting with Mr. Hartwell. He will give her back her manuscript and will let her ghostwrite his life story if she follows some rules. I don’t want to give you too many spoilers, but here’s an interesting quote:

“If you expect me to return your manuscript to you, keep the secret that you authorized it, and consider you for the extremely lucrative, mighty prestigious role of my ghostwriter, you will have to pay my price.”

Robert is much older than Miranda, that’s for sure. He comes off very arrogant and self assured. I didn’t know if I liked him or not. It was a toss-up at times. He is a true Dom, and he knew somehow that Miranda was a submissive. There was an interesting situation that would have him question Miranda’s submission. “I am so close, so very close, Miranda, to believing in you completely, to taking you into my, my life, forever.” At one point, I really wanted to throw my Ipad across the room (if you have read my previous reviews, I like throwing things lol).

In order for Miranda to convince Robert of her true sexual submissiveness, she needed to pass 5 grueling tests. Robert was a true sadist and Miranda a masochist.

I was back and forth regarding my feelings for this book. At times, I didn’t know where the author was taking me. At times I felt that Robert was extremely harsh, but when you get towards the end of the story, you get to understand him a little more. Although Miranda had a fiery temper, she relished being a true submissive. Oh yeah, it ended in a cliffhanger. I wasn’t even aware this was series until I went on Goodreads after reading this ARC and had it confirmed by the author. I will definitely book 2 since I need more answers that have left me a little perplexed.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided for an honest review.