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Recap: My Favorite Authors


Creator of the perfect Alpha males.  Her books are always entertaining, with a good blend of sexy times, humor, and tension.  The importance of family and community are an underlying theme, something that is missing from a lot of books I read.

If you are sick of the tortured male, then look no further.  These men are not weak in any way.  Their lives might not be perfect, but they fight for what they want, no matter how annoyingly frustrating their woman might be.  They aren’t sensitive, and may be a bit blunt.  But when the time comes, and they finally verbally express what they have been showing through actions all along, the words will warm your heart.  No one gives a better “wake the fuck up, I love you” speech then a KA Alpha male.

I really could go on and on as to why I love KA’s books, but I’m going to save some of that for a future post.

My Favorites Books:

The GambleCreed the will

To put it bluntly, I am ADDICTED to their books.  The Addicted series is so well written and the character development is top notch, that I am shocked more people haven’t read their books.  I adore all 6 of the main characters, and the love they have for their significant other.  Lily and Lo are one of my all-time favorite book couples.  Their love story might not be traditional, but their bond is unbreakable.

The authors draw you in, with smart dialogue and detailed emotions, you feel like you are part of the story.  My addiction is not exaggerated.  I frequently stalk all of the authors’ social media sites, eager for more of their words.  If you haven’t checked out their books, I implore you to do so, right now!

My Favorites Books:

Addicted for nowhothouse flower

The beauty of Amy’s work leaves me kind of speechless.  It’s hard to capture in words how much I enjoy her work, it touches me on such an emotional level.  Both A Different Blue and Making Faces were in my Top 5 list for 2013, with the latter being my Favorite Book of the Year.  Both produced waterworks, where I frequently had to take breaks because my tears were making it hard to see the words.

Her stories often focus on the everyday person, struggling through everyday problems.  There is a prevalence of history with a strong message that isn’t preachy, but makes you want to do better personally after reading them.  While her books are stand-alones, there is one common theme – the book hangover I have after reading them.  It sometimes takes days to recover from the message of her stories.  And once I’ve finally recover, I just want to read more.

My Favorites Books:

Making Faces A Different Blue

Tarryn Fisher
Queen of the mind fuck, her books play with your head and your heart.  You literally feel beat up after reading them.  It might not be right away, but sometime later, you will reflect on her brilliance and smile.

Recently Tarryn was talking on FB about having likable characters in books, and her frustration with people who dismiss a book merely because they didn’t personally like one of the main characters. After Dark confession: I didn’t like any of the main characters in the Love Me with Lies series, and guess what?  It was my favorite series of 2013.  I totally agree with Tarryn, that you don’t have to like the characters in a book to like the book.  If the writing is good, the overall story is what’s important.

My Favorites Books:

opportunistDirty Redtheif

The Original Sinners is not your typical romance series.  It challenges traditional beliefs about relationships and love.  The main heroine, Nora, is perfection!  She’s seductive, smart, sassy, and selfless.  The stories are much more complex than you might initially expect, with clues throughout the books that lead to turning points in the storyline.  Any author that can make you fall in love with a sadist should be applauded.

My Favorites Books:

the gift The Saint

As one of the most popular authors in the New Adult genre, there is not much I can say that hasn’t already been said.  Hopeless will remain as one of the best romance stories I’ve ever read.  The pain and love the characters feel just jump off the pages.  Who can forget the “Best First Kiss” to end all best first kisses?

Colleen flawlessly incorporates poetry and music into her books, so it becomes part of the story.  The words in the poems and lyrics speak volumes about the characters.  I love how each of her stories is fresh, and not a repeat of her prior work.  While she takes some risks, the stories and characters are easy to relate to, drawing in the masses, and beautifully developed to keep you coming back for more.

My Favorites Books:

HopelessMaybe Someday