Book Review: Honesty by Seth King

Title: Honesty
Author: Seth King @SethKingBooks
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Contemparary Romance
Rating: 5 stars

An all-new standalone romance from Seth King, author of The Summer Remains.
Michelle's Review
I’ve been very blessed in this blogging world, I’ve read some amazing books by some amazing authors and one in particular, Seth King.  I feel in love with Seth King’s writing when I read and reviewed The Summer Remains.  It amazed me that such a young man like himself could write such a beautiful love story, that until this day, I still think about and recommend. So on a Tuesday evening, young Seth messages me to let me know that he has sent me Honesty, I was like a little girl at a toy story getting her new Barbie.

Seth is a storyteller through and through and he makes you see and feel things.  The story is about Cole Furman about his one true love.  His point of view is to be read very carefully to truly understand and grasp Cole’s love and heartache.  His dysfunctional family, dealing with society as a whole, yet he could not forget that one love, the one with the galaxy eyes.  Cole struggles trying to fit it a world where there is still prejudices and bigotry for loving someone you’re not supposed to fall in love with.  I didn’t know if I wanted to hug or shake Cole at times.  He would put himself out there for Nicky and Nicky not reciprocating.  Like that old saying “the heart wants what the heart wants”.

I don’t know what you will get from reading Honesty as a reader.  Hopefully, you will understand the struggles of being termed “different” will impact you.  If anything, it will give you pause and reflect how Cole and even Nicky felt with their struggles.  Acceptance is the keyword here, ladies and gentlemen.  Seth Nicholas King bared his soul with this story and hopefully will change the simple-minded views and also save a life or two.  I could go on and on with my praise of Seth King’s words, but you need to feel and read the same emotions that I had.  He will always be one of those authors that I can always count on to make me feel emotions so evocative that I don’t know what to do with them.  Seth King will always have a fan in me especially if he continues to give me the type of read that I want to shout through the rooftops.  So thank you, for letting me into your world.

– Michelle

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



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