2015 Shortie Awards: Tammy’s Favorite Books


Tammy's Picks

My Final “Best” for 2015 – @tammyvoiced

Each year your favorite authors churn out incredible reads.  Here are mine.

Author(s) of the Year:
Tiffany Reisz & Amy Harmon


The Virgin: Amazon US
The Queen: Amazon US


The Law of Moses: Amazon US
The Song of David: Amazon US

Best Series of the Year:
The Original Sinners: The White Years

The SaintThe King1a1g

The Saint: Amazon US
The King: Amazon US
The Virgin: Amazon US
The Queen: Amazon US

Book of the Year:
All of the ones below, sorry, but they are all equally splendid in their own right. Reasons ranging from the heart ache I know that I will feel to the tears from laughing so hard to something new that I did not think that I would gravitate towards to subjects that I can relate to on a personal level to just wanting some great sex scenes.

These are works of fiction but in many ways they are real and sitting beside you on the couch laid back with a glass of wine and Ella bumping on iTunes.

In no particular order:

Review of Cake Love

Amazon US


Review of Spencer

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