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A STANDALONE Alpha Shifter Romance with an HEA, loosely related to the One to Hold series. Contains alluring alpha heroes, scorching-hot shifters, and panty-melting sexy times. Keep the fans nearby… Readers 18 and older only, please.

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(A Woodland Creek #AlphaShifter romance)

Part of the Woodland Creek Collection.

30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

One Epic Release Day.

One wounded panther, one restless lynx, one insatiable hunger.

Mercy Quinlan is a whip-smart lynx and the youngest in her shifter clan. She’s tough and independent and dreams of escaping her alpha sister’s control and living life on her own terms.

When a lone black panther shows up in her hometown, Mercy is intrigued. He’s just passing through, which makes him perfect… Along with his broad shoulders, defined muscles, and sexy fighter moves.

Koa “Stitch” Raiden is picking up what’s left of his broken life. Exiled from his black panther clan, he’s running from Princeton to Seattle when he’s drawn to Woodland Creek.

He’s aware Mercy is watching him. What he doesn’t know is the sexy little vixen who sneaks through his window each night is both the trouble he doesn’t need and the hope he can’t live without.

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New to me author: I’ve never read anything by Ms. Louise but when I read the blurb, it covered alot of themes that are catnip to me – a shifter romance with a small, strong and feisty heroine with big, strong hero. I loved that it has some diversity, with a Hawaiian hero in Koa. But it’s the villain and the supernatural otherworldly vibe that takes this to another level.

Panthers, lynxes and …?: Woodland Creek was a supernatural town with a creepy vibe going on and it helps elevate this shifter romance in a way I wasn’t expecting. Koa and Mercy cross paths in a meadow in Woodland Creek. Mercy’s born and raised there, but dying to get out. Koa’s just passing through on his way to a new start in California. Coincidentally, the same state Mercy would love to escape to and be an artist, away from her overbearing family and this stifling little town.

Koa knows something drew him to Woodland Creek and strange things start to happen from the moment he gets there. What isn’t strange is his all consuming interest and sexual connection with Mercy. Their chemistry is good, and there’s a love scene straight outta Ghost that made me smile, but it’s later in the story when I really got invested.

There’s a twist: Now, the story was rolling along and it seemed like a fairly standard shifter romance, with Mercy feeling very young and their romance was nice enough, even if it felt very familiar. It’s told from alternating first person perspective and all in all, if it had just been Mercy running from her family, I would have thought it was just alright.

Then, about halfway in, the secrets started to spill out and the story started to take on a fairytale-like angsty quality that I’ll admit reminded me of movies like Legend with Tom Cruise or Labyrinth with David Bowie. If you haven’t watched those, do yourself a favor and check them out on a rainy afternoon. Anyway, long story short, I really liked that vibe and it helped my enjoyment of this tale. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the villain, perhaps in another book in this series.

Quibbles: The only things that could have made this even better would have been to really build up the individual characters in the first half and delve into their romance beyond the shifter insta-love. Also, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, but I just wanted more of Koa’s backstory and to really understand this ‘verse Ms. Louise has created.


3.5 star

Overall, I liked this shifter romance with an otherworldly twist. I’d be interested in reading more of Ms. Louise’s paranormal romances.

– Ivy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.




By Tia Louise


© TLM Productions LLC, 2015


Dylan paces the room, her dark brown hair fanning around her slim shoulders. She’s wearing a long, sheer wrap in a blue that makes her eyes glow. She’s a beautiful woman, but she’s so hard. The fact that we’ve never been close makes it easier for me to fight her.

Standing, I walk to where she’s stopped beside her chair, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“I don’t want to stay here, Dylan. I want to move to San Francisco. I want to be an artist and have my own studio.”

“Enough, Mercy! I’ve clearly overlooked your eccentric behavior too long. It stops NOW!”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Her hand slams down at her side, and her eyes drill into mine, making me cower slightly. “No more art classes with the townies, no more riding the bus. No more hanging out at that fucking gym—”

“NO!” I shout back at her.

SLAP! I stumble back from the force of her blow, and my arm hits the portable wet bar, causing the glass bottles clatter against each other. I blink trying to regain focus, and through the ringing in my ears, I hear Penny’s quiet whimpering.

Dylan faces me with both hands on her hips, her feet are spread in an aggressive stance, and her chest rises and falls rapidly.

I’m holding the side of my face. It hurts like hell, but I manage to speak, even if I’ve lost my edge. “Y-you let Autumn go…”

“Autumn has that privilege.”

Pain twists in my chest. “And I don’t?”


The word hangs in the air between us. Nothing more is said. I’m breathing fast. She’s breathing fast, but it doesn’t matter. The conversation is over, and I’m left with only two options: do as she says or fight. I know which one I’ll choose.

“You’re the worst alpha I’ve ever known.”

“And you’re a spoiled, ignorant brat.”

She’s not backing down, but neither am I. Without another word, I go to the front door. I’m outside, pulling the hem of my dress up and over my head as I run. The design of it with thin spaghetti straps means I don’t wear a bra, and I don’t hesitate to rip the thong from my body as I lean forward, lunging into my shifter form.

Four paws hit the ground, and I’m running hard into the night.




Tia Louise is the Amazon and International Bestselling author of the ONE TO HOLD series.

From “Readers’ Choice” nominations, to USA Today “Happily Ever After” nods, to winning the 2015 “Favorite Erotica Author” and the 2014 “Lady Boner Award” (LOL!), nothing makes her happier than communicating with fans and weaving new tales into the Alexander-Knight world of stories.

A former journalist, Louise lives in the center of the USA with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations…

Books by Tia Louise:

One to Hold (Derek & Melissa), 2013

One to Keep (Patrick & Elaine), 2014

One to Protect (Derek & Melissa), 2014

One to Love (Kenny & Slayde), 2014

One to Leave (Stuart & Mariska), 2014

One to Save (Derek & Melissa), 2015

One to Chase (Amy & Marcus), 2015

One to Take (Stuart & Mariska), coming Jan/Feb 2016!

Paranormal Romances (all stand-alones):

One Immortal (Derek & Melissa, #SexyVampires), 2015

One Insatiable (Koa & Mercy, #AlphaShifters), 2015


Connect with Tia:

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Instagram & Twitter: @AuthorTLouise

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