Book Review: Completion by Stylo Fantôme

Title: Completion (The Kane Trilogy #3.5
Author: Stylo Fantôme
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic
Length: 171 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars

The Devil gets his dues.

What happens when Satan in the flesh meets Lillith in real life?

Some name calling, a lot of fighting, and even more loving.

For two years, Jameson Kane and Tatum O’Shea have made their relationship work. It might not work for anyone else on the planet, but it’s perfect for them. Their own personal fairy tale.

But can Jameson give Tatum a true “happily ever after”? He’s not sure.

Where would the devil go to buy a throne, anyway?

WARNING: contains little plot, a lot of sex, and was written for the author’s own personal enjoyment. Also graphic sexual situations and sadomasochistic themes.

Michelle's Review

This is a novella so I can’t get too deep without giving it away. You know that feeling when you’re done with a series and although it ended the way it needed to you still can’t help but want more. You just can’t get enough of the characters. This is what Completion did for me and I’m a little amazed how Stylo managed to give us this little bit more. More perfection for this series that has become like a spreading disease. Very catchy. It’s a blend of it all with an asshole, swoon-worthy hero, the sarcastic sassy heroine and the perfect angel that keeps it all together. Everyone I have recommend this series to have all been pleased.


What better way then ending it with a few missing scenes and a new HEA. An HEA Satan Style. Good Lord that man. I will never get enough of him and that mouth. Amongst other things. If you haven’t picked up The Kane Trilogy get on it ASAP. Stylo Fantome is new and fresh out there and I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet. She’s amazing. Follow her and get to know her world. It’s full of laughs, sarcasm, No Fucks Given, zombies, Cheetos and lots of booze.

Warning Label: Jameson Kane has been fucking women into a retarded stage. #Guilty

Favorite Quotes:

“God you’re such a dick.” “Good thing you live dick.”

“Flirting is fine. Acting like a whore is another. That will get you slapped.”

I wanted to save her. Took me all these years to figure it out, but even back then, I wanted to be her prince on a white horse.

“It’s time for you to shut the fuck up and come.”

– YaYa

*An ARC was provided for an honest review.



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