Book Review: Target 84 by K. Larsen


Title: Target 84 (Bloodlines #4)
Author: K. Larsen
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 300 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


I hide in plain sight.I am a pretty face with a killer body. Literally. I kill whatever the job calls for. Women, men, I know no bounds. Why would I? I’ve been groomed to do this since I was a child.

Who I am?

I am a monster living among angels. After all this is over, I will redeem my actions. I will walk among those angels, fallen down on red stained leaden wings torn apart.

Who he is?

That’s a secret you’ll have to discover.

This is the final installment of the Bloodlines Series.

***Can be read as a stand alone.***

Grace Review

So, I may squealed when I found out who this story was about (totally squealed).  I’ve been on a bit of a Bloodlines binge this past week, and was saddened how things turned out for one character.  But this author has found a way to have all the characters you have come to love in the series, find their happily ever after.  They might not be your traditional endings, however that only makes them that more enjoyable to read.

Each book in this series can be considered a standalone, but if you have read the previous three books, you may as excited as I was to learn that this book is about Bentley and Greta.  Squeeeee! (sorry about that, had to be done)  I know that Objective was about Mags and her soul mate, Cane, but I really liked Bentley, the secretive neighbor who slowly forced his way into Mags’ life and gave her a reason to smile for the first time in over a year.  While things didn’t end up how I would have liked, the ending to that story wasn’t forced and although a bit sad, seemed fitting for the story line.  And if you read Resistance, you know things turned out just fine for Mags, now known as Pepper, in the long run.

As Pepper moves on with her new life with Sawyer, two people are still finding their way. Bentley, despite being the lone man out, takes the high road and only shows happiness with Pepper’s new life.  The other lone figure being Greta, Pepper’s sparring partner.

This book starts off with a big surprise in the prologue.  I’ve sensed all along the Greta had a dangerous secret, but was caught off guard but the level of the secret.  Without giving too much away, Greta spent her youth and teen years at a facility known as Ravenbrook.  The level of brutality she endured at this place and the skills she acquired, created an emotionless shell of a person.  The sole purpose in the school – being smarter and stronger than your classmate.  With the consequences of falling short, being fatal.

From this moment on I am a rock.  As a rock, I will absorb nothing, I will say nothing, and nothing will be able to break me.

I really liked how this story weaved all the previous stories together in a meaningful way.  The group comes together with a common goal.  Men who have caused pain to the Bloodlines characters get their due.  Old wounds are healed.  And that greatest healing comes when Bentley and Greta meet in the most unlikely of circumstances.  They experience a range of emotions as they try to figure each other out and then even more so, when they learn of their connection.

“There are two brands of people in the world, people who chase after pleasure and people who run from pain.  Pleasure aids forgetting.  But pain forces you to have hope.”

While I may have wanted a different ending for Bentley in Objective, there is no doubt in my mind that Greta is his perfect match. Only a man like himself could be turned on by a woman who is his equal in the bad ass department.  Their history only makes their union more special.

Of the four books, this story is the most violent, particularly in the flashback scenes to Ravenbrook.  I would have liked to know their ages during these flashbacks, which would have added to the brutality of it all, but even on its own, the stories will make you squeamish.  And you will cheer for Bentley and Greta when they get their revenge.

This series was a perfect fit for me, being in my favorite genre, romantic suspense.  The plot isn’t predictable and the stories are not sugar coated.  There is a heavy dose of violence with a blend of fiery passion, that kept me thoroughly entertained.  And like I said in the beginning, it may not be traditional, but everyone does get their HEA.  The author managed to tie up all the story-lines that I didn’t feel like I needed more.  A perfect conclusion.

– Grace

*An ARC was received from the author for an honest review.



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