Book Review: Light Shadows by S.L. Jennings

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Title: Light Shadows (Dark Light #3)
Author: S.L. Jennings
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: 337 pages
Rating: 4 stars


Twenty-one years ago, Gabriella’s life was stolen from her before it even began.

Orphaned at birth and encompassed in a fortress of lies to protect her identity, she never truly understood her purpose on this earth. But now that she has ascended, embracing her destiny, the ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her.

Even with insurmountable power running through her veins, part of Gabriella is irreparably broken. And with old enemies working to destroy the tiny shred of normalcy she has left, she’ll be forced to face the ugly truth about Dorian, the man she chose to love despite his darkness.

Everything she loved is a lie, and everyone she thought she knew is a stranger. And now that Gabriella is about to be thrust into the battle of her life, she discovers that she may be fighting for the wrong side.

*This is book 3 of The Dark Light Series, the highly anticipated conclusion to Gabriella and Dorian’s beautifully tragic love story.

Grace Review

When I finished Dark Prince, I felt like a hyperactive teenager. I wanted to jump up and down, run around in circles, and scream. I remember posting this gif to capture my emotions:

So to say I was eager for Light Shadows, would be an understatement. But like all of the fans of this series, I had to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

The author threw me (us) a bone with Niko’s story, only to have my heart break into pieces. I always liked Niko and after hearing his story, I began to like him even more than Dorian. With this final installment of the series, I have to say, those feelings about Niko only became stronger.

While I expected this book to be about Gabriella and Dorian, this really was Gabriella and Niko’s story. For that reason, I think some people may have been disappointed. That didn’t bother me. What surprised me, was how my feelings towards Dorian changed. While Dorian was such a strong presence in the first two books as he methodically ruins Gabriella in only the best kind of way, his role was not only minor in this book, he was a bit of a douche. Even before Dorian goes off to la la land with the bitch troll, Niko seems to have more control, more of a connection with Gabriella. He steps up when needed and ultimately carries the story.

“Why do we let them do this to us?” he asks, his voice a broken whisper.
“Do what?”
“Leave us.” An iridescent speck rolls down his check, almost masked by the comfort of the shadows.
“Because we’re stupid.  And because we’d rather have a moment of happiness than a lifetime of loneliness.”

There were a number of surprises in this book:
* Gabriella, now part Light and Dark, not only has to adjust and learn her new powers (she doesn’t magically know what to do, which I actually liked).  Niko plays an important role in building her confidence and training her.

* Along with her power, she has a heightened level of sexuality, just about everyone turns her on.  There are some awkward moments with Dorian’s parents, but I liked how she continued to question what was going on with these desires.  They seemed out of her control.

* Emotionally, Gabriella goes thru the ringer.  She experiences so much loss in such a short amount of time, that I’m not sure she handled it. . . . Wait, I do know how she handled it . . . Niko.  Once again, he played a role in keeping her from going over the edge.

. . .how many more strings do I have left?  How many more have to be severed before I float away into nothingness?  How long can I go on before I want to cut the damn strings myself?

My biggest issue with the book was how quickly everything got resolved.   I didn’t forget what Dorian did in this book, I’m not sure why Gabriella did.  She didn’t seem to question him at all.  And the whole build up to Stavros’ plans of world domination, kind of ended flat, in my opinion.   There were moments in the big conclusion that I cheered (you can guess why), or that I shed a tear (WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY), but I still wanted more.

We do get a HEA.  But based on change of opinion on certain characters, I kind of wanted a different ending.  I know that wouldn’t have pleased the masses, it was just something I wanted.

– Grace



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