New Release (Book Review): Already Famous by Heather Leigh

Title: Already Famous (Famous #4)
Author: Heather Leigh
Genre: New Adult
Length: 350 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars

Drew Forrester is a regular guy from Boston, MA with an unusual job. His work keeps him from getting close to anyone, unwilling to give his trust, especially after a terrible betrayal when he left home at nineteen to pursue his dream.

He throws himself into his work and his favorite way of releasing his frustrations, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. He resorts to short term hook-ups, figuring he’ll be alone forever.

When a gorgeous redhead literally falls into his life, he decides that it’s fate and pursues her relentlessly. But this girl is seriously damaged, and keeps secrets that he doesn’t understand and can’t get her to reveal. Her lack of trust and seeming paranoia about letting anyone get close to her leads Drew to keep some secrets of his own.

This is a companion novel to Relatively Famous, told from Drew’s point of view.

Michelle's Review
Hello there wonderful followers of the blog, so if you have read my previous reviews regarding The Famous Series by Heather Leigh, then you already know how much I really loved this series.  So when I heard Heather was writing a 4th book with Drew’s POV, I had to snatch it up.  As you read from the synopsis, this is the companion novel to Relatively Famous (Book #1), same storyline but with Drew’s POV.  I love reading alternating POVs between the main characters, especially a males POV.

Ok on to the good stuff right.  You already know how Sydney had no idea who the hell Drew (or rather Andrew Forrester) was when she literally fell in front of the gym he works out of.  When Drew meets Sydney for the first time, he was apprehensive, like is she going to be a stalker, crazy fan or groupie.  When Drew finally realizes that she really does not know who he really is, he is really intrigued.  It so good to be himself with a woman and not having her go bat shit crazy around him.

Drew cannot seem to stop thinking about Sydney, so ever so smoothly, he asked his driver where did he drop off the hottie with the body.  Turns out, Ms. Sydney lives 2 blocks away from him and his driver ever so efficiently hands him a napkin of her favorite coffee shop.  So after a few days, Drew makes the drastic effort to be at said coffee shop (and not look like a crazy stalker himself), he just makes sure he is incognito just in case some of his crazy fans do recognize him.  He wears what Sydney calls his “repellant outfit” so he doesn’t stand out.  Moving ahead, they are having a wonderful conversation, Sydney’s, BFF Leah’s, stops by, tells her why all the commotion at the coffee shop, when Drew hears the name Adam Reynolds.  You already know the deets on this part, but you get Drew’s perspective for his hatred towards Adam.

Drew is intrigued and fascinated with Sydney and he wonders why she is so apprehensive towards all things celebrity.  He’s afraid of telling her who he truly is because he really enjoys her company.  In his mind, he’s already in love with her because she’s so refreshing.

Drew plans quiet dinners, getaways wherein no one can recognize him, etc., you know the bit.  You see also see he walks on eggshells so he doesn’t freak Sydney out about his “famous” status.  You also will see how and why Drew is so over-the-top protective, alpha, and downright romantic.  At times I wanted to punch him because he was extremely jealous or his temper would get the best of him.  I times I wanted to punch him for his caveman ways, but hey, he’s a keeper in my book.

Yet, through this read, I fell in love all over again with Drew.  He is definitely BBF material ladies.  I’m so glad I got to read his POV.  I think Ms. Heather might give us some novellas on Drew and Sydney’s journey, I really hope she does.  I liked them so much.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.



AF teaser 2

AF teaser

Click on the images to purchase the books below:

Relatively FamousAbsolutely FamousEF


Title: Suddenly Famous (A Famous Novella)
Author: Heather Leigh
Length: 120 pages
Release Date: November 9, 2014

Ryker Bancroft is the hottest new actor in the world. Catapulted to overnight stardom when he signs on to star in a world-wide phenomenon, his life becomes a chaotic mess.

His newfound stardom comes with a lot of fans. Specifically screaming, hysterical, sometimes violent female fans. Ryker finds that doing everyday things, such as leaving his apartment, becomes impossible without ending up surrounded by mobs of people.

A terrible incident causes a case of PTSD in the young actor, turning him into a nervous, lonely wreck. When he meets the vivacious Leah Quinn-Slade at a VIP opening of the trendy new Verve nightclub in New York City, he may have found someone who can help him get past his demons.

***Suddenly Famous is a companion novella to the Famous Series. It is not a stand-alone book***


SF teaser 2

SF teaser

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