Book Review: Absolutely Famous by Heather Leigh

Absolutely Famous
Title: Absolutely Famous (Famous series #2)
Author: Heather Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 338 pages
Rating: 4 stars

***Warning, contains language and situations for mature readers. Appropriate for adults age 18+***
When 24 year-old Sydney Allen fell for the sexy Drew Forrester, it threw her life into chaos.
The daughter of Hollywood royalty, Sydney had been hiding her identity from the world since her parents’ tumultuous and very public divorce when she was 12.
Dating Drew forced her back into the spotlight to face some of her old demons. Now, she has to relearn how to live with the fame that she ran from for so long. Can her relationship with Drew survive the scrutiny?
When a media scandal that spans three countries and two continents threatens to destroy them and the people they love most, Sydney needs to decide if she’s strong enough to weather the storm that comes with being famous.
*Absolutely Famous is second in the Famous Series. You must read Relatively Famous before reading this book*

Michelle's Review
Before reading this review, if you haven’t read book 1, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go purchase book 1 (chessy grin).

So book 2 leaves off where book 1 ends. Sydney finds out that Drew is none other than famous actor and Sexiest Man Alive Andrew Forrester. But to Sydney, he is just Drew, the man she fell in love with before she actually knew who or what he did for a living. They are in Vancouver, Canada where Drew is filming his next film. After the drama that unfolded in book 1, Drew wants Sydney as close to him as possible.

As you already know, in book 1, Sydney hated all things about her famous parents and being in the public eye, yet she is committed to her relationship with Drew and will learn to live with the scrutiny of being in the public eye again. Of course, there will always be drama regardless. As much as Drew tries to protect Sydney, there is always something (or rather someone, yeah bitch Kiera, I’m talking about you) who will try to sabotage Sydney and Drew’s relationship.

Sydney gets another opportunity to have input on another club, but it’s in England. She figures she and Drew need some time apart from each other and the wandering tabloids. So off to England Sydney goes. I loved how in this book Sydney had “grown up” a lot. She was so terrified even of her own shadow in book 1, she really put her big girl panties on.

The new project manager for the club though has the hots for Sydney. Olivia Clarke at first comes off very standoffish towards Sydney. Later, he sees that Sydney is not your typical “pampered princess because mommy and daddy are famous” and he really takes a liking to her (I mean big time). Sydney’s heart only belongs to Drew.

Drama continues to follow Sydney in England. Lots of life situations that somehow the tabloids get a hold of and for the life of her, Sydney cannot understand how they know so much intimate details. I will leave it at that because you have to read what sought of fuck up things people will do to invade a celebrity’s privacy. (I am guessing this is true in real life for celebrities).

I loved reading the journey Sydney and Drew are taking together as a couple. I liked how fast paced this book was from the first book. I did not want to put this book down at all. I really enjoy Heather’s style of writing that’s for sure. I cannot wait to dive into book 3 and see the continuation of Sydney and Drew’s love story.

I will leave you with some of my favorite quotes from Drew:

This quote comes when Drew finally becomes intimate again with Sydney in Canada after her attack. “God baby, I’ve missed so much. I need to know you’re still mine.” I love vulnerable Drew.

Then you get swoon-worthy, romantic, panty dropping Drew: “You’re not getting fucked, Sydney, I’m making love to you.”

And my all time favorite, Alpha Drew: I’m not done with you yet, you wanted to get fucked hard.”

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.



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