Unfinished Hero Day: Love Letter for Creed


Dear Kristen,
Who would have thought that purchasing the book called Knight would change the course of my reading obsession.  One year and over 20 your books later, I would like to be considered an official Rock Chick.  I do own the Rock Chick sweatshirt AND the Fortnam’s t-shirt, so that makes it official, right?

When I started Knight, the first book of yours I read, I clearly remember tweeting everyone, asking about you as an author.  There are other books that claim to have Alphas.  Paaaleease!  Knight was unlike any Alpha I had come across previously.  And then I read Creed, which changed everything.  It was love at first read.

Two immediate things took place after I read Creed.

First, Tucker Creed joined the top 5 of my BBF list, in the number 3 slot (while everyone might laugh at my rankings, my BBF list is no laughing matter.  This is serious business.  It is not an easy feat to make this list).  Not only has Creed stayed on my list for over a year, he actually has moved up to the number 2 slot over the past year.  Why?  Because for the hundreds of books I read each year, I just can’t find anyone that measures up.

Second, while I laid my claim to Creed, I was eager to share him with others.  As they say, hindsight is 20/20.  Little did I know that tweeting obsessively about him would lead my friends to try and claim him. AS IF!!!  HE IS MINE!

There are so many reasons why I love Creed, but I’ll save that for my book review.

Everyone else just needs to “clue in”, CREED => MINE!

Whatever Ginger. This little Rican has a fight and I’m not backing down. I will build a lake and a dock and await my Creed even if it’s forever.  Six times I’ve read this books and I still want to cry when that man speaks: “Born to love you baby,” he repeated. “Die lovin’ you, my Sylvie.” Gaaahhhhhh. Isn’t he Perfect?
Each of her men are dominating in their own ways. Not saying Knight, Raid and Deacon aren’t, it’s just that Creed did it better. Pipe it Nina, I don’t want to hear it.I’ll stand back and watch everybody fight over their favorite Unfinished Hero. It’s not like KA doesn’t have others to fight over. Hi Ty!!!

How do I love Creed let me count the ways (yes had to put an Emily Dickson spin to my love letter).

Well after being yelled at by both Grace and Yaya for not having read a KA book I went straight to Amazon and ordered Knight.

Well let me tell you lady, I thought I read a lot about Alpha men, boy was I ever wrong.  When I read Knight, I was like “holy shit this guy is super Alpha/Dominant” (drops panties).  Although he is obviously not my favorite.

No ma’am, my heart belongs to Creed.  You know the girls “warned” me that Creed was theirs, NOT.  I have to say since I’m the oldest and the tallest (because we call ourselves the shorties) that I will claim this delicious, romantic, alpha loving man for myself.  (I see a cat fight in the future, but I digress).

Yes, Tucker Creed became my new BBF.  His love and loyalty for Sylvie was a true testament what a real man should be.  Oh and don’t get me started on Sylvie, I may have a serious girl crush on her as well.  I loved how she was a fighter and so damn spunky.  I want to be her when I grow up (hehehehe).


We don’t always agree on everything, but we can all agree that we love Creed.

Michelle put is best – thanks for creating Creed for us to swoon, fight and argue over!

With Love,
Grace, YaYa and Michelle
After Dark Book Lovers

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