Book Review: Relatively Famous by Heather Leigh

Relatively Famous

Title: Relatively Famous (Famous Series #1)
Author: Heather Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 341 pages
Rating: 4 stars

This is NOT your typical Hollywood romance. There are NO virgins falling for actors. There are NO celebrities falling for the girl next door. What there IS, is a damaged girl who is rescued by the sexy Drew Forrester. Can they get past her secret? Or his?

Sydney Allen is trying to be your average 24 year old New Yorker. It’s hard to be average though when your mother is Evangeline Allen, an Oscar winning actress known as “America’s Sweetheart” to moviegoers across the globe. It’s even harder to be average when your dad is Reid Tannen, Hollywood Bad Boy and one of the highest paid actors in the world.
Their divorce when Sydney was 12 years old was set off by a series of haunting incidents that left Sydney scarred mentally and physically. Hollywood destroyed her parents’ marriage and almost destroyed her. She hasn’t owned a TV, read magazines or watched movies since the divorce, refusing to take part in an industry that brought her so much pain.

Now 12 years after her mother took her from LA and hid her in New York to keep her safe, no one but her best friend Leah knows who Sydney is or that her parents are famous movie stars and she’s determined to keep it that way. She guards her identity fanatically, not letting anyone get close enough to her to find out who she is.

When Sydney meets the gorgeous but mysterious Drew Forrester at a run down gym in Hell’s Kitchen, her life changes. It’s time for her to decide if he’s worth sharing her secret with, or if she’s better off being alone forever. Or maybe she’ll find out that she’s not the only one hiding something. Dating Drew, Sydney is forced to confront all of her fears at once; celebrity, fame, tabloids, stalkers. Can she survive another high profile exposure to the world?

Michelle's Review
24 year-old Sydney Allen hates all things Hollywood.  The paparazzi, the glamor, the gossip, all of it.  She doesn’t even own a TV or even goes to the movies.  Why, you may wonder, me too.  Her parents are very famous actors who went through a very public divorce.  Before the divorce, her parents were so famous that it got very scary for Sydney with being followed by paparazzi and crazy stalkers.  So after her father was caught on camera having a tryst, her mother packed their bags and moved to New York City.

Moving towards the present, Sydney has become a sought out interior designer.  Sydney is so damaged and broken due to her past upbringing in Hollywood.  On a run one day, she accidentally slips on ice and falls in front of a gym.  A gentleman who saw her fall, takes her inside the gym to clean up her knee.  Upon entering, Sydney sees the most gorgeous man she has every laid her eyes upon.  He introduces himself as Drew.  He helps clean up her injury.   Sydney cannot help her attraction for this stranger.

Sydney cannot seem to get rid of the nightmares from her past and also the sexy stranger she had encounter, although those are more dreams than nightmares.  When visiting her best friend Leah’s coffee shop, who does she come upon but her sexy stranger, Drew.  The coffee shop is unusually crowded so she sits next to Drew. They chat for awhile when her BFF Leah comes over with a magazine (which almost makes Sydney bolt mind you) as to why her little coffee shop has gotten so much attention.  I will leave it at that.  Drew notices Sydney’s aversion to anything that is in print, he wants to know more about Sydney.

Drew is your typical Alpha male.  He’s hot and very protective.  I loved that about him.  He is also very caring and take cares of what is his.

“Patience, Sydney. I want to savor you. I can’t get enough of your skin, your smell, the feel of your body. Let’s discovery everything about each other.” And when he gets his caveman on, you get “Look at me, Sydney. I want you to watch me as I fuck you.” “I like bossy Drew.”

Yeah I loved bossy Drew too. Yet, you know he is hiding something big from Sydney. With Sydney being all wishy washy and not asking too many personal questions because that way she didn’t have to answer any of her own, I kept wondering what is Drew’s M.O. here?

I really enjoyed this book, there were times that the author could have speed up the read and cut a lot of useless information (IMHO). I was really frustrated with Sydney at times.  I get that her reasons for privacy, but she needed to “man up” put her “big girl panties” on and tell Drew what had happened in her past.  I loved her BFF Leah, she is the voice of reason for Sydney.  There is a cliffy here but it’s more like a continuation of their love story.

– Michelle

*A complimentary copy was provided for an honest review.



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